Jennifer - Owner/Groomer

Jennifer has been a groomer for 10 years. She's owned and operated Doggie Doos Grooming since 2006.

As a small kid, Jennifer has always loved dogs as well as painting, designing and drawing. She was trained as landscape architecture, but found her passion in grooming dogs.

Grooming allows Jennifer to work with dogs she loves while expressing her artistic bent in making dogs look beautiful.

Janice - Groomer

Janice has worked with dogs and cats most of her life. After high school, She worked at a local veterinarian which led her to become a Veterinarian Technician for 12 years.

Her love of dogs led her to the grooming field. She started as a bather and became a groomer at Petco. She has worked for Fido's Fun House, and is now working for Doggie Doos Grooming. She has 13 years of experience as a groomer.

Greg - Groomer

Greg took a leave from us and is back! Greg loves all dogs, but especially large breed dogs - he has two huskies!

He has been grooming for 4 years.

Carrie - Groomer

Carrie has been grooming dogs for 7 years. She has a great love for all animals. She has had many different types of pets over the years: birds, cats, dogs, guinnea pigs, a chinchilla, hamster. Right now Carrie is raising a dog and a rabbit. Her hobbies are making jewelry and crochet.

Robert - Bather

Four years ago, Robert fostered a litter of Chihuahuas and ended up keeping one; his name is Nacho. Robert also has a 10 year old Australian shepherd mix named Buddy who was adopted from Halo Animal Rescue. Pets are an important part of Robert's family.

Robert has worked for Halo Animal Rescue and the Arizona Humane Society. He loves working with animals.